The Morning Ritual – 36 minutes

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Discover How To Build a Morning Routine For Increased Productivity, Energy, and Happiness. Now You Can Get Instant Access To a 10-Part Training Series To Help You Get Ahead Even More. Download And Start Playing These Videos Tutorials Right From The Comfort Of Your Home!

Unfortunately, waking up is much easier said than done. This is especially true considering that most studies suggest waking up before 7:00 AM to be the most influential. The reason that waking up is so difficult is that our brains aren’t working properly yet at this time.

In other words, you have a groggy feeling, which is often called sleep inertia. In order to be productive in the mornings and to actually wake up, you need to cut that sleep inertia so that you can go about your day.

Still, sleep inertia isn’t the easiest thing to stop in its tracks. One of the more successful techniques for waking up your brain and getting started with your day, no matter how early it is in the morning, is by using a morning ritual. A morning ritual is a routine you perform every morning to acclimate you to the day, wake up your brain, and cut through brain fog.

With the help of this guide, you will learn the following:

– Why you should have a morning routine.

– How fast you can expect to see the benefits of a morning ritual.

– How to use a morning journal to create the best morning routine.

– How the main objective will help you create a morning routine that is effective.

– How to create a new morning routine based on your current routine.

– Why you need a busy morning routine.

– Busy morning routine ideas and tips.

– Why you need a slow morning routine.

– Slow morning routine ideas and tips.

– The dangers of using devices in the morning.

– How to cut out device-use during the morning.

– When devices may be helpful in the morning.

– How your nighttime routine affects your morning.

– Ways to utilize your time at night to make mornings go by smoother.

– How to continue improving your routine down the line.

– And much more!

Video Titles

01 – 4 Important Things To Remember When Creating a Perfect Morning Routine 3:17

02 – 5 Habits To Incorporate Into Your Mornings 03:39

03 – 5 Morning Rituals to Try Today 03:46

04 – 5 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine 03:20

05 – 5 Things To Do At Night To Make Your Morning A Breeze 03:21

06 – An Easy Morning Routine For The Night Owl 03:32

07 – Crafting The Perfect Morning Ritual, No Matter The Weather 03:28

08 – Device Free Or Device-Oriented Morning Routine Which Should You Choose 03:28

09 – How to Stay Motivated Through Busy Mornings 03:17

10 – Morning Routines As The Backdrop For The Day 03:17

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The Morning Ritual – 36 minutes

  • The Morning Ritual – 36 minutes

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